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Adult-Empire is sort of the entire world of porn brought down to size. This is a big network kind of site that has it all, DVDs, cartoons, games, live chat options and much more. For your money, you do get plenty of adult entertainment. Adult Empire has mainstream hardcore content as well as special interest stuff that covers fisting, anime, hentai, and more. Now, you can get your membership to this world of naughty fun for much less! See the coupon below for details of your discount.

You may get a bit overwhelmed when you get inside the member area of Adult Empire. They have hundreds of DVDs in there and plenty of other stuff. However, the site offers a clean, easy to understand member area. You can download clips, full length DVDs, and photos – like tons of them!

Adult Empire is essentially a network that brings together smaller sites, or King sites, in addition to its own network content. You can navigate this world of smut using categories. You cannot preview a movie, and some downloads are really massive. For full length videos, get ready for 1+ GB file sizes. Adult Empire has a history spanning over years and years. Some of the content is pretty old. Not that it’s bad or anything, but you know how it is in the world of porn, everybody likes new. For older releases, naturally, the quality may be lacking. King sites usually focus on a narrower niche. A lot of them feature exclusive cartoons and other special interest content. Some of the content is there is shocking even! We did find a few excellent smaller cartoon sites within Adult Empire.

Minor Cons

Some of the sites within Adult Empire are pretty basic. They are just a bunch of photo and video galleries thrown together. It’s still good porn, but there’s nothing really exclusive about this thing.  Adult Empire does have plenty of content to offer. But the site could use a few upgrades. For older movies, streaming would be nice. We realize it’s tough keeping such a massive amount of XXX content organized. But the customer is always right, isn’t he?


Adult Empire lets you explore the world of diverse and often really good adult content. This system has its own galleries and mini-sites, some of which are Kings. A lot of these ones are really good. Adult Empire has content that major more commercialized sites would not probably dare to show! Still, some of the content is pretty old. Start exploring Adult Empire now and you are sure to find something you will enjoy!

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