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What if we lived underwater like in a sci fi movie or something, or in fact like our ancestors many thousands of years ago? The question is, would we have strip clubs? What would a strip club look if it was underwater? This site called Underwater Show may give you a hint. Read this porn review of Underwater Show, find out about this very unique hotspot (and wetspot), and grab your discount!

We of course can be wrong here, but looks like Underwater Show is the one and only site like this. Like what, you ask. Well, of course you do. Underwater Show specializes in exquisite shoots of young gorgeous women as they strip and tease while swimming underwater. Pools, other places, you name it. They may enter the water with clothes on, but they end up naked, super sexy, and having all the fun a girl can have underwater.

Most of these marine hotties are alone in the episode, but sometimes other girls do show up. They swim and frolic together and there’s some interaction going on. But don’t expect anything too filthy. Underwater Show is more or an erotic site, a tasteful erotic site, most importantly. It’s all about you enjoying stunning female beauty in an unusual context which being underwater definitely is.

There are a little less than 200 videos here right now. You can easily stream them with the site’s Flash-based player, and of course downloads are available as well. The choice of formats is pretty standard, MP4 and WMV. We tested the downloads, and they are nicely fast and problem-free.

Minor Cons

There are way less pictures than video episodes. Normally, with your average hardcore porn site, you would not really care. But here, the pictures are quite awesome-looking. They come in high resolution and are just really artistic. You wish there would be more of them, but no. You do have the option of downloading these in a ZIP archive, though.

Another thing, we understand it may not be the easiest thing out there, shooting erotica underwater. But Underwater Show updates only once every two weeks. That’s a bit of a disappointment when you understand how awesome the content is and how much you would enjoy new stuff on a more frequent basis.

We also feel they could improve the look and feel of the site a bit. The member area is just this big ass table and that’s it. Not very contemporary and definitely not the most user-friendly solution you could come up with. Too much scrolling.


You just can’t find this kind of content anywhere else. Well, maybe it does exist, but not in the form of a site on the web you can join and download videos. You get to watch dozens of hot babes swim and frolic in beautiful waters. It is definitely easier for the girls to navigate through deep waters than for you to navigate through the member area Underwater Show has. The site could use a few minor improvements. But otherwise, it’s pretty cool.

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