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Wicked.com has been a popular studio dishing out hardcore porn for many years now. It does have a fan base of its own, and looks that now time has come for us to take a look at what they offer in their member area. Besides, it’s all even better now because we got ahold of this coupon that makes the Wicked Pictures membership even cheaper for you! See below for the discount.

The site has a somewhat classic approach to making adult entertainment. They have a roster of contract actresses, they star in movies that all feature some acting, a plot, and a lesbian sex scene. They do have several contract models here. If you like a particular girl, that’s going to be great as you’ll be seeing a lot of her. We personally saw a few of their contract girls that really got to us. As in, they’re so damn hot!

The site is quite big, with up to 600 DVDs in the member area. These guys have been making quality porn for a while, so you’ll see DVDs dating back to the 90s as well as brand new material. You can sort the scenes or DVDs however you like. Alternatively, you can take a look at episodes with this or that model. Movies also have tags, and you can jump to a scene within a DVD by clicking on its thumbnail. Streaming is super easy, and using the drop down menu you can select the resolutions available. 720p and 1080p settings are available, but you’ll probably be surprised to find out DVD quality is quite rocking good as well. These are MP4 files we are talking about, and the higher the resolution, the more amazing this whole thing will look for you.Wicked Pictures features a new DVD every week.

A thing about Wicked.com  is that their condom policy is using them in all scenes except oral. They do go off for cumshots, facials and things like that. Another thing, they do use many girls with silicone tits. Just for you to know. However, you’ll find plenty of hotties with smaller racks as well.Wicked Pictures also has a bit of a complicated search and tagging system. Another wish may be that they add more formats, not just MP4.


You can’t say Wicked is all-out perfect. There are things that they can improve. Still, this is exciting, creative adult entertainment that has plenty of action in it. The site is incredible value with our discount coupon! Click the coupon right here to grab your cheap Wicked Pictures membership right now!

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